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Hulda Clark Syncrometer

If you want a Hulda Clark Syncrometer™ you can hire me to build one for you.

I build these devices from the instructions found in Dr. Hulda Clark's video, Syncrometer Basics. I do not make any modifications, unit is built exactly as the video describes. Each Syncrometer™ circuit is tested as described in Dr. Clark's video before it is shipped to the customer. I provide the service of building these by hand, one at a time. The only changes I've made is that the unit is built into two sturdy black plastic enclosures instead of cardboard shoe boxes. Other than that, it may very well be the only Syncrometer™ unit available that is made exactly to the directions found in Dr. Clark's videos and books.

The Syncrometer has not been tested or approved by the FDA as a diagnostic tool or medical device in the United States. It is sold only as an experimental device for educational research. I simply provide the service of building you a Syncrometer™ as described by Hulda Clark so that you can experiment with one of these interesting audio oscillator devices. I make no health or medical claims regarding these experimental devices.

A Syncrometer™ is a difficult thing to learn how to use.

Many people are discouraged by having to listen for resonance. I always suggest ordering and watching the video: Syncrometer Basics so you can decide if learning to use a Syncrometer™ is right for you before you purchase an expensive unit. I do not offer refunds on my hand-built Syncrometers because you are hiring me to build one for you, and I know each unit is tested and working before I ship it out. I will replace/repair any defective unit for 30 days after receipt if a switch breaks or something like that, but please, no cash refunds because I make each unit just for you when you order. Please allow me 2 weeks to build and ship your unit, but it will usually come much faster than that. If you discover that you cannot learn how to use the device, just sell it on eBay, and you will get your money back easily, because this is a hard to find item.

Remember, you will also need to set up a place to use your Syncrometer™, as well as a safe place to create & store your specimens and samples. You will need to practice every day for several weeks before you develop techniques that work for you. You will have to read the books by Dr. Clark, the inventor of this device. Dr. Clark has researched and written extensively on experiments you can try at home using your Syncrometer™. Be sure to have a copy of The Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual as well as the video, Syncrometer Basics by Hulda Clark so you can attempt all the exciting experiments with your new device.

When you hire me to build you a Syncrometer™ you will receive:

Circuit Box -
Everything connects to the circuit box. Circuit powers the speaker, handle, probe and test plates. Requires three AA batteries (batteries not included).
Speaker -
The exact mini amplified speaker from Radio Shack as described in Dr. Clark's book. Requires a single 9-volt battery, just unscrew the back to insert battery. (Batteries not included).
Test Plates -
Two 3.5 inch aluminum squares sit on top of a 9.5 x 6 x 1 inch work surface. Switch on the Test Plate is ON in the DOWN position for ease during use, as described in the book & video.
Copper Handle -
A 4 inch length of 3/4 inch copper pipe is included. Cover with one layer of damp paper towel before use.
Probe -
Our probe is comfortable to hold and connects to the front of the circuit box.
Unit requires 3 AA Batteries and One 9-Volt Battery ~ NOT included.
Syncrometer Circuit
Here is a close-up of the Syncrometer™ circuit box. Place switch in OFF position, and insert three AA batteries. (The ON/OFF switch is normal on the circuit box, meaning UP for ON, DOWN for OFF).
Handle and Probe
Red and Black banana plugs are pushed in place on the front. The red banana jack is for the red banana to alligator lead that connects the copper handle. Wrap the copper handle with one layer of damp paper towel and grip with red alligator clip. The black banana jack is for connecting the probe to the circuit box.
Unscrew the back of the speaker and insert a 9-volt battery (batteries not included). Connect speaker input to side of circuit box using the provided speaker cable. Turn speaker on when using unit. Remember to turn your speaker off after each use to preserve battery life.
Test Plates

Connect the bolt on the side of the circuit box to the bolt on the side of the Test Plates using the alligator lead. Remember that the ON/OFF switch on the Test Plates is ON in the DOWN position for ease of use. Place the plate switch UP in the OFF position before each use.

That's it, your Syncrometer is now set up and ready to start your experiments. Be sure to have Dr. Clark's Lab Manual and Syncrometer Video to get you started. Order all of Dr. Clark's latest books and videos at: www.HuldaClark.com.

I ship using USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. All units have 30 day repair or replacement guarantee - no cash refunds. For more information visit:


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